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Laptop / Macbook Repair

Is your laptop not working properly? Or you are facing any kind of issue with your Macbook ? Don't worry! Our qualified and friendly repair technician will fix it. You can get your laptop or Macbook to us and we will fix it, or if it's not convenient for you to come, then just give us a call and our repair engineer will come to you. So you can expect a quicker service and a cheaper one. We're quick, knowledgeable, professional and convenient. We diagnose and repair all kinds of issue on your Laptop or Macbook.

We provide various Laptop repair services such as:

Laptop Screen/Display replacement: Our Laptop screen repair service is very quick. We replace the damaged screen on the same day. The replacement of the screen is done by professional and experienced engineers and the replaced screen are guaranteed. All new parts fitted by our engineer come with a year warranty.

Replacements: We provide replacement of various parts of your laptop if it's not working properly such as Battery Replacement, Speaker replacement, Mic replacement, Headphone jack replacement, Power button replacement, Keyboard replacement, Front camera replacement, Light and motion sensor replacement, Laptop fan replacement etc.

Laptop cleaning service: We provide Laptop cleaning service to keep your laptop in good condition. If your laptop is older than two years, then it's important to get it's fan cleaned and for that we provide laptop fan cleaning service which keeps your device in good health.

Upgrades on Laptops: We provide Hardware upgrades, software installation, operating system install/reinstall.

We also provide various Macbook services such as:

Macbook Screen replacement: If the screen of your Macbook is cracked or broken, then you can get it replaced. Our macbook screen replacement service is quick and convenient. It saves your money as well as time. Replaced screens are guaranteed.

Other replacements: If your data disk dies, then don't assume your laptop to be useless. We provide Hard disk replacement in that case. We also provide Battery replacement if the battery of your macbook dies. If you have stuck or broken keys then no need to worry because we have keyboard replacement service for that. All these replacement services are faster, cheaper and can be done on same day. And the quality of the replaced device is same as that of apple service or repair.

Macbook water damage repair: If there is any kind of water damage on your macbook then we provide quick and cost effective water damage service for that. We replace the effected part and get your macbook work again.

iMac repair: We provide secure iMac repair services done by our qualified mac engineers for any kind of iMac problem you are facing. We have experienced and professional technicians for imac repair and we provide high quality of repair

Specialized services:

  • Hanging/Frezzing
  • Booting problems
  • Computer crashes
  • No image on screen
  • Blue screen
  • Track-pad not working
  • Wi-Fi not working
  • Hard disc failure
  • Malware removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Short battery life

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